Advocacy for Human Rights

Advocacy and lobbying for human rights are crucial part of IRD program in refugee camps and urban area in Rwanda. IRD advocate and lobby the local and national decision makers and service providers to fulfill their obligations towards the rights of people with disabilities-holders.

Access to education for refugee children with disabilities

If you want to plan for a year, sow rice.

If you want to plan for a decade, plant trees.

  If you want to plan a lifetime, educate people.

                                               Chinese proverb


Education is one of the most effective ways to break the cycle of discrimination that children with disabilities experience.  IRD promotes inclusive education to ensure all children can go to school.


Advocacy in the field of education promotes IRD’s vision in terms of inclusive education. It is a common point for parents, family members, teachers, Education officials, stakeholders, local authorities and the community members who are committed to making inclusive education a reality in our communities.

IRD provides access to education for the most disadvantaged refugees and local children in the community. We work with schools to provide an easy environment for all children, while remaining sensitive to rural communities (Refugee camps) and urban (Kigali City).